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11/04/2020 Note from Becky Sloan…

On August 31st I felt terrible and went to see my doctor. I as in hypertensive crisis with a massive headache and visual disturbances. After a CT scan my doctor called to tell me there is an enlargement in my pituitary gland. I went through several tests, lots of labs, and several specialists before being diagnosed with a non-functioning Macro-adenoma. This is a benign tumor in my pituitary gland. It has been determined that the only treatment option I have is surgery. My surgery is scheduled for November 10th at Hillcrest Medical Center. If all goes as planned I will have a 2 night stay in the hospital and recovery should be about 6 weeks. I’d greatly appreciate every prayer and good vibes anyone can spare. If anyone would like more detail feel free to ask. 

Becky’s address: 1320 NE 4th Street, Pryor, OK 74361

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